Queer | Feminist | Doctor

For a while now I’ve found that people ask me for advice on relationships and sex. In fact the first time that happened was over 10 years ago! It is no secret that I find the huge range of ways in which humans express their sexuality (or lack thereof) EXTREMELY interesting and that the topic of sex and relationships is one I think about a lot. At the moment I can’t give medical advice as I am too junior a doctor for that, but I aim eventually to be able to give advice to people whose health conditions are affecting their sexual fulfilment. I would like everyone to be able to find happiness through their relationships, sexual and otherwise, and if I can do anything to facilitate that then I think that will be pretty rewarding. I’ve set up a Tumblr so that people can ask questions anonymously, and I plan to do a mix of videos and written posts with my answers/advice. So tell your friends, and ask away!


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