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Today a journalist from the local paper came round to get more information on what had happened and take some pictures of the “inappropriate” outfit. I have also had an email back from DW Sports/Fitness (in which they addressed me as “Mrs” Parker!) asking what branch of the gym I am a member of. Nothing else from them as yet.

I posted links to this post on Fitocracy, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Reddit. Here are a selection of the responses:

  • “I’m guessing people were just confused/didn’t know how to react but that’s no reason to treat you like that or kick you out.”
  • “I lifted in a skirt just last night. How infuriating to be kicked out for that! Just all around strange. It’s unfortunate when assholes can’t mind their own business.”
  • “Pretty sure my little walmart workout shorts are shorter than your skirt. My full brief underwear will show if you really try and look between my legs on the stair climber. I assume people will either not look or look away if the see something they didn’t want to.”
  • “Geez, I’ve seen girls at gym in shorts so short they may as well be panties! By which I mean, shorts are not by default more modest than a skirt. Ultimately it shouldn’t matter what you wear to gym as long as the required parts are covered.”
  • “I think I’m at the gym for me and not for anyone else and as long as I’m not breaking a law, I don’t want to hear anything about what I work out in. IF someone can see between my thighs, the way I see up mens shorts, I would expect them to look away.”
  • “This made me want a cute sport skirt so badly.”
  • “Asking you to leave was a dick move. I’ve seen the shit some girls work out in and I don’t see how a skirt would be any more revealing or dangerous.”
  • “I completely agree that there are many fitness shorts just as small as the underwear she was wearing. Also, you can see up people’s baggy shorts, you can see people’s thongs sticking out the top of their pants, and you can see people swimming in swimsuits at the gym. Sometimes when swimsuits are involved, there is pubic hair and other sights involved. I don’t think you should have been kicked out or complained about. I’m really sorry this happened to you.”
  • “I don’t work out, but I have boyshort-style underwear that I couldn’t wear underneath some women’s “workout” shorts because they’d show… they cover more than the shorts. And, no, they’re not flimsy or see-through, either.”
  • “even if were uncomfortable I wouldn’t ask the person in the offending skirt to leave (or get the attendant to do so). I’d just deal with it, and maybe make a sarcastic Facebook post about it to get it off my chest!”
  • “Men can work out in shorts and NOTHING else. Women are expected to have everything covered, and the person who complained was “uncomfortable” with the fact that they could see something that is considered sexual by society. Men not covering themselves does not make people uncomfortable, but a woman doing the same thing does. This is definitely a feminist issue.”
  • “I can see why another patron might find barbell squats in a skirt a little distracting. I certainly don’t think she should have been kicked out for it. The whole thing seems like it blew up more than it should have.”
  • ” If someone has a problem seeing your underwear then they should not be looking at your nether region. I doubt they would ever stop a man for something like that.”
  • “I was a cheerleader throughout many years of my life (including in high school, ie underage) and we wore skirts with “briefs” underneath them (and underwear under those). We are athletes who compete in athletic competitions, and most people have seen cheerleaders, even if just on tv or in movies. No one seemed to think it was inappropriate.”
  • “I’m just still scratching my head about the fact that people are seriously arguing that if they had been shorts labeled “shorts”, it would have been fine, but if the exact same shorts are labeled “underwear” then it is not fine. Maybe I need more coffee, but if the label is all it takes to make people go from “oh no problem” to “oh my god I can see her underwear throw garlic and holy water” then I am seriously confused.”
  • “Your gym is messed up.”
  • “I’ve seen girls at the gym in see through leggings or tiny skirts all the time!”
  • “Sorry you got this crap. Hope you get a good response & the people at the gym get a thrashing.”

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