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Well, I’m in the local paper (complete with comedy “I’m fed up and I’m wearing a skirt” photo!) I did call up the journalist who wrote it to let her know that the gym had apologised for treating me the way I did, but it looks like they have gone with a quote from the gym which still implies that I was dressed inappropriately! I find this odd since I was told on the phone by Michelle Chambers, area manager for the gym, that my skirt was NOT inappropriate. I have emailed her for clarification, and will probably be wearing that skirt to the gym again at some point.

If you don’t mind reading things which might make you facepalm, have a look at the comments section. Apparently fat people shouldn’t wear short skirts, doctors are not allowed to have silly hair, and women who lift weights aren’t allowed to have big arms. I’ll make a note of that.


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